Document Recording​​​

​Frequently Asked Questions​

​Any document authorized or required by law to be recorded, such as Grant Deed, Deed of Trust, Mechanic's Lien.​

​Refer to the Fee Schedule for information about document recording fees.

​Documents are recorded the day they are received by this office provided they meet all recording requirements.​​

​Yes. Documents are mailed back within 10 working days after recording.

​Forms may be available at stationery stores and office supply stores that stock legal forms. Information and forms are also available at the Sacramento County Public Law Li​brary​​, 609 - 9th Street, First Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 874-6012​.

​Questions about a California state tax lien should be directed to the state agency which requested recordation of the lien. For contact information refer to Tax Liens.

Questions about a federal tax lien should be directed to the Internal Revenue Service. For contact information refer to Tax Liens.​